Thursday, May 22, 2008

Billy's photo (ages ago)

I've always admired the "young" Bill Gates...
It's such an impressive thing to find a guy in his early life with such great achievements... to be honest I'm envious, I mean looking how hard it is to compete in the IT field... That man ( i.e B.G) is a SUPER MAN.

anyhow ,
Ladies and Gentlemen
I now leave you with an awesome collection of Billy's photos (ages ago)... I hope you enjoy them the way I did *_* ...


The little Geniuses at Work
Gates watches his friend and future Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen typing on a teletype terminal at the Lakeside School in Seattle in 1968. Gates was 13 when he entered the exclusive prep school, which was around the time this photo was taken.
(Awww such an adorable kid ^_^)

Yippie..It's Graduation !

Gates during Commencement at the Lakeside School in 1973.
(isn't he cute ! ^_^ )


The geekiest Slacker ever ?

Much of the computer equipment at Lakeside was bought with proceeds from a rummage sale organized by the students' mothers. Gates was drawn to programming the machines and was excused from math classes to pursue his interest..
(He's so cool...and I'm so envious ... he's a genius programmer and he get the chance for not attending math classes *_*)


who said that geeks can't get arrested!

In 1977, Gates was arrested by New Mexico police for speeding.
(LMAO..What's with the outfit XD)


after friendship...we're partners now!

Gates and Allen in Microsoft's offices in 1982. Started initially in New Mexico, the company moved to Bellevue, Wash., in January 1979.

Young CEO <3
Bill Gates, about 27 *_* , in his Microsoft office in 1982.


After watching this...
I guess you all know now...
why I LOVE Bill Gates !?


note: the resource of this wonderful collection is so thanks a lot :)