Sunday, July 20, 2008

iPhone 3G… Dream about it !

I’m not here to tell u how wonderful iPhone 3G is (u can see for yourself here … I’m here to tell you how mean “Apple” could be sometimes >_> !

My brother went to Apple store in Boston to buy iphone3G.. We were so excited cause the price is amazing(199$),,, and we thought that it was a special offer in USA…
Unfortunately, to purchase and activate iPhone 3G, you need the following:
- Social security number
- Valid government-issued photo ID
- Current wireless account number and password or PIN (if you’re new to AT&T).

I was really disappointed to know that the iphone is locked to the carrier (AT&T in the U.S) and it will not work on another network. Also, we are required to enter a two year contract for service with AT&T ($175 to cancel)!!!! ---This company is eviler than (Al-Etisalat)

So, even if your in USA, you have to sign a contract with that network for 2 years !!! It actually turns out that the iPhone 3G is not more affordable than the firts-gen iPhone but it will even cost your 40 US dollars more in the long run. Those 40 US dollars sound nice for the added 3G and GPS ( if u really need GPS here in Saudi Arabia !)…Anyhow, I just wanted to show you that (as they say) we should always take Steve Jobs words with a pinch of salt !

I don’t think it’ll be soon offered in Saudi Arabia… and if they do, most probably it’ll be wickedly expensive (about 450 Euros in Europe ) However we only have to wait, cuz I’m pretty sure they will reduce the price --- I hope those gadget maniacs will not buy iPhone as soon as it arrives ,,,cuz if they do, I should forget about the reduced price :S

As for the black market… I think they have a lil chance to take advantage of this item ;)


Saturday, July 12, 2008

My life ahead!...Blurry !

I suddenly feel depressed!
but my depression situations are getting better...cuz I know the cause of them!

people are getting smarter... chances are being taken ...

I can't compete !
I don't want to!

I have to act... I have to do something!

I'm under pressure..I'm afraid to explode... I'm weak... and I'm afraid of my self destructive behavior!

I'm having a summer training in the core of my major...Thanks to Allah I'm so happy about it ... cuz i've been longing for this since the begging of the year... but I'm so worried at the same time...

I still have 1 year and a half (or maybe 2 years) for graduation but I'm not sure what to do! I've already had training in other fields for the journey of finding myself...but I didn't find anything yet...

I simply start doing things with great enthusiasm but after a while my eagerness starts to fade out and I get bored and sick of what I'm doing! I’m really my own worst enemy >_<

God lead me to the right path,,, and forgive me for my ignorance !

For whom might be interested ... I will talk Insha'allah about my training experience ... cuz i'm sure some will find it useful =)

I'm Not a Robot After All... I can miss sometimes!

I never thought that I'll be missing some pestering brat !
When my bro was preparing for going abroad to study in MIT, I was so excited thinking that I might get some space without him being around.
But when the day came... the day he'll be going..I cried ---I'm a girl after all

I really miss him nagging and begging me to solve his math and computer problems...
I miss the way he barge into my room like Godzilla (though sometimes I feel like killing him!)...or the way he bow to me to wake him up in the morning or to pick him a t-shirt(I have a weird family LOL)
I miss the way he comes to me insisting to listen to his favorite lousy rock bands (well, some are cool to be fair)
in short...
I think I miss him !

I really hate farewells...
I also hate to part from my beloved ones...

Hope he comes back soon...
The home feels empty without you 'Abo Alhassan' ;)