Saturday, February 20, 2010

Master’s Degree in Social Media !

Birmingham City University can solve your problems; as of next year, it’ll offer a course in social media, encompassing social networking sites as communications and marketing tools.

As a geek that's sorta nonsense and a waste of time...since what we're looking for is more technical !
but if you’re studying communications, journalism, PR or marketing.. I believe that would be interesting ! yeah why's not about FB's social networks in general !

I totally like how they're innovative and creative about their courses!who wants to study boring stuff anyways!



Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's Jumana's Birthday !

so today is the day the world was blessed...:)

My rockin sis wanted to celebrate my graduation and my BD on one day... she felt it's more worthy it that way.. and I do agree.. since my graduation and birthday are in the same month , which make it so special !

I'm gonna talk less and share the moments with you girls....

and here are some shots I've taken ( @ T.G.I Friday's ... they were super awesome and friendly )

I love this Robot... and it would be the awesomest gift if I could have it :(

That's all :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Google gives Nexus Ones away at TED !!!

A quote from the main article :

" Turns out that for the 1500 or so attendees ($6000 a ticket) at TED yesterday, each and everyone of them got a Nexus One from Google. Being that most of the attendees are influential, this may be a really smart move by Google. "

I'm not in a position to judge google's marketing strategy ! in fact I should be learning lessons from that move !

However, I can't deny the fact that I'm a n00b , trying to understand the following :

1- If some can afford the 6000 $ ticket and attend TED , but don't own a nexus one, it means they're NOT interested ! otherwise they can easily get themselves the device !

2-giving away such a valuable thing, really degrade the value of it !

giving nexus one to youtube partners was kinda smart , since they're already loyal , and aside from the promotional part , it can be considered as a reward for their hard work , u know they're sorta one team (I know they're already getting payed !)

Now, google, why do u give away such a huge amount of ur devices for FREE and refuse (delay) to sell ur product and gain money from many customers around the world craving for you're nexus one !

I kinda took it personal , it hurts me so much that google is giving away their devices ! are they that desperate !!!!! and why don't they sell it hear in KSA instead !

Saudis LOVE gadgets, just look at the BBs and iPhones around us !

P.s. maybe I'm getting the whole thing wrong, correct me if so, please :)