Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rock your presentation !

I've always wanted to be a performer or some sorta person who owns the stage and perform whatsoever. Especially dramatic plays.

This is an impossible dream ! ... if I follow it word for word!!!
But I decided to make presentation rooms and halls my own theater !.... I wanna rock it out in my own path !

I made a presentation today in the company I'm working in this summer. I've done couple of presentations before, for instance the one I've done in King Khalid University Hospital - IT dept. in front of all the IT staff including the head of the dept. Dr.Ahmad Al-Barrak.
It was a success , al7amdulilah. And also the most recent presentation was for our graduation project (part 1).

Today I dunno why ... it was different.... something inside me has awaken, it's the seek for perfection and professionalism .

I had to do a presentation about the company to show how much I know ,as part of my summer employment.

A photo of the Presentation room

Thanks to Allah I did great, I was so happy when they liked it, so I wanted to share what I've learned from this experience.

How to do a successful presentation :

1- As native Arabic speakers , Some people find it an obstacle to do their presentation in English, so if your English is not bad, I assure it will be better by simply reading materials related to the same topic your going to present . By reading out loud you are training your tongue while using the correct terminologies and phrases related to your topic .

2-It's really important to know your audience before making your presentation. why is that important ? for many reasons , for instance your style ,your language and the presentation design depends on your audience.

3- As for the presentation design , although I'm not a big fan of putting images, but people tend to be attracted to pictures more than anything.... so if you wanna grap their attention , choose good photos to enhance your preso.

4-If your an "aah " or "umm" person, if you use the killer words a lot , I've got some quite good advices I used myself, and thank God it worked ----- umm hopefully :P

5-Don't worry if you freak out or "err" at the first moments. Most of the normal people has been there and it's also expected !

6- Pause between each slide, make time for the audience to digest what you've given them.

7- Interact with your audience frequently , try to say stuff that will require their interaction like " who's the guy in the pic" ---- the CEO...."duh !"

8- Please don't forget to finalize your presentation , simply by saying "finally " ,"lastly " or anything like that. I tend to say " so as you can see ...bla bla bla "... when I say "so" I finalize... but to my real shame no one knows this secret code except me... so I'll try to use something that ppl understand :P

TIP : I did a very cool thing in order to improve my skills... I recorded a video of myself while presenting... the video was clear and everything...
the voice was in mute mode :( .... there is NO VOICE !!!!!!!
aaaaaaaah that's a great harsh lesson...
double check your video settings : (

That's all for now, if I have some more updates I'll add them...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

back, and BRB !

I'm still alive and surviving after the busiest semester I ever had!

and now, I'm having the busiest Summer Vacation !

I wanna talk about the software engineering of our graduation project , I've got so many things to post here cuz I tend to forget what I've done unless I document it here , once I have the time I'll be sure to spend it here not on my other blog , LOL