Monday, March 23, 2009

The Lady in Yellow Glasses Rocked FLL !

Few weeks ago, First LEGO League (FLL) event was held in the British school. For those who don't know this event, it's a Robot competition from LEGO targeted to school students. The organizer here in Saudi Arabia is Talents Center.

A large event like this one needs the help of volunteers! This was mainly the job of 'IT Digest' which we ( my friends and I ) have volunteered with.This wasn't our first time, we've volunteered also in the previous event.

It is a very enjoyable experience, I mean what could I ask more , Robots and eager kids ! this is such a pleasure to me... they were amazing and they've really done a great job!

In the previous event, I've volunteered as a referee in the competition's really troublesome... u got to be fair... and u have to keep track of the whole process!... what I couldn't bear, is the sad look in the kids' faces when their robots suck in doing some missions ! I kept smiling all the time... I kept telling them how cool they are and they don't have to worry about the scores... it worked ! they did better in the other rounds .

This year's event, I've decided to change my role, as my friends suggested, I applied as an emcee. the organizer of the event immediately accepted, cuz as she claimed, no one else is more suitable than me :P

a picture of 2 teams in the event, they're rapping !

A day before the event, my friend told me to practice in front of a mirror and call her to rehearse !
"Hell, no!" I would never do that... I screw the whole thing if I get prepared to it!
Thank God, it went great , I followed the friendly "cool" way... I was just being myself ! B)

After the event was over, the kids suddenly gathered around me giving me their caps and t-shirts asking for my autograph... That was cool... it makes you feel like a celebrity :P , and it really brings back some memories ( I might go through this thing in some other posts)

Today, I saw the organaizer of the event... she told me" Oh Jaimy, every1 from the event is talking about you,they're really impressed , they say ..."
"that girl in the yellow glasses Rocked the event " -_-

I'm glad and everything , but !!!!
I think I've got a name you know !!!

but now that it occurs to me...
I don't remember mentioning my name !except for those kids who asked me....

So, I guess it's my fault for being mysterious :P....
and of course, it's aslo my fault for wearing yellow glasses !!!