Monday, August 31, 2009

Umm, is it Obsession !

Dear Freud, a Letter to You

I'm gonna talk about some issue.... you know when we say "Girl you've got issues ".... Well...I'm referring to these issues!

Passion, is such an agitating thing ! we all have things that we like..sometimes love obsessively!

When there is love... there is
jealousy . I've never experienced the feeling of jealousy...cuz my love has never been tested. But now I do !!!!

here's this weird scenario :

You love a girl so much, she's beautiful , elegant , smart and so nice to everyone. One day that girl decided to be on a TV show. She went there wearing her best dresses and she was so provocative. Everyone is watching her, and admiring her! Well, since you "feel" that that girl is yours , then you are afraid that others would approach to her and you might loose her....simply you don't wanna share her with anyone !!!! Ok...
so far ,this is not considered weird , I mean until you see what's weirder !

My case
is so similar to that scenario I just gave, except that the girl here is a COUNTRY !!!!!! God I hate that damn Hijazi guy for showing off my girl.. I mean my country in that way on TV... To be honest I NEVER watched any bloody episode of that show , all what I know is what ppl say about it... Most of them knew Japan , but they didn't know that much.... but now I hear a great fuss about this Damn show and my beloved country !

I just
deepened my relationship with her ....That's unfair !

Dear Freud ... If you were still alive , what would you consider this feeling as !!!

other passions I have :

- Robots (Classic ones).

- Guitars (especially the hot electric ones) and guitar solos.

- Bill Gates ( but don't worry Melinda Gates, nothing pervert ) .

Anyways, I know that's kinda abnormal and I'm trying to cure myself!



Sarah said...

maybe it's the feeling of: Nooo miiiiine
i'm not freud by the way (^^; )

Jaimy said...

Yeah exactly !!!!
I'll just pretend that u r Freud ... and take this comment seriously :P