Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Cheerleaders or Applicants ?!

In some place I'm working in this summer, unemployed girls came in suddenly!
Faces with full make up + Hairstyles (intense undoes + long left hair) + High Heels … Not to mention the sparkling "Abaya " !i

Those girls were coming to make interviews! (Note: believe it or not, it's not a salon it's a Respectful Organization)!

I felt curious to know how an interview would go with such girls, so I asked one of the Human Resources if I could "observe" with one of the interviewers. And I've got the permission. "don't ask what benefits an IT student like me would get from doing this, it's just curiosity! "

I went into the room, the interviewer looked pail in front of the applicant. The girl was putting on a red lipstick, horrible red blusher and GOLDEN eye shadow; In fact everything was golden and sparkling. I couldn't help not giggling, that was so funny," but I stopped 'cause I felt that I distracted the interviewer that she wanted to laugh too!

Appearance was nothing after she started to talk! She's uncultured, has no background about anything, don't know English at all, even her Arabic was so informal, and of course no computer skills!

After being curios I felt sick.

When the interview was dismissed the interviewer told me not to be surprised many applicants looked that way, and of course they don't accept them.

"Why did she apply to the job anyway?" (Shain Wi Gwat 3ain)



Lila said...


Dr_COMPUTER said...

Hola Lila

I don't speak Latin, But it's nice to see you here :)

_alexis said...

It's sad, that people are really concerned more about looks, then they are their knowledge. If That's how people are, more power to them. Hope someone got hired. ;]

Dr_COMPUTER said...

Hey alexis,
Well… ppl should care about their out looking...but not as much as I mentioned in my post : S ...
About the applicants, 40% of them were hired… good percentage I guess!

Thanks sweetie for your comment.

Good Luck lawyer ;)