Wednesday, October 3, 2007

When a Contact status is away !

What suppose that to mean?!

Well there are 3 possibilities I gained them form observation and experience.
1-I have friends that always "ALWAYS" put their sign away although they are setting right behind the screen and have nothing to do…but they just like to do the first steps (you know like saying the "Hi!" first and stupid stuff like that). I guess this is a habit and there are no ulterior motives.

2-On the other side there is some people who immediately sign in as "Away" as soon as they see unwanted contact or something like that…. They are Not "away"…but they do that to keep away the annoying persons.

3-Of course there are few people (I'm one of them ) who put there status away when they are really away from their PCs.
The same possibilities go with all other kinds of status, not to mention "appear of line"!

The bottom line is , I think there are many people who misuse the "status" feature!

If you are sick of someone or not in the mood for chatting with her, Just Block Her. Don't change your status just only for one contact that you don't want.

Dear contacts I rely on your status, so please be honest, or simply if you can resist… Block me (Don't you dare to do such a thing :p )


Mandy said...

Ok here's the thing..
What the …?!
I mostly put my status away (i.e. if not busy XS)
But I scrolled down your "list of reasons" and couldn’t find mine!!
Either you missed me in your observation… or you listed me in one of your reasons 8S… though I have a feeling that this whole thing is pointed on me (oh please don’t be that flattered 8p)
Any way just so that you know … I put my status away because I turn the MSN on most of the time… but I'm not there most of the time!! So at first I used to put it online the whole time cause I don’t have the time to change it 27 million time a day I get up and come back (not doing nothing as you say XS) so people talk to me and I don’t answer and I come back and find these lines.. What don’t you want to talk to me!! Ok I'm mad at you.. !!
And I'm like.. Ok give me a break I'm not even there!!
So I switched to AWAY and started telling people that they can talk to me anytime they want but if I don’t answer that defiantly mean I'm "AWAY"
And in the rare cases when they find my status ONLINE then that means I'm there and I'm there for a long time 8)
And even busy I started to use.. its usually not because I'm " that BUSY so don’t talk to me"… no its because when I plug the laptop on the stereo the busy status as you might have noticed block all the sounds and alarms that comes with contact signed in you have an e-mail.. Whatever…
I hope that clears out something 8)
And to prove my theory.. Sometimes I come back from college or somewhere where I left the MSN offline.. And find it magically turned it self into On-Line.. and then I find people talking to me … well that’s good… but they finish their lines with…
"OK that’s great… now you're not talking to me"
"it's ok.. I won't take a minute out of your time.. just talk to me for a second I need something important"
"ok .. I don’t care don’t answer me.."
And sometimes my MSN magically too start sending e-mails at late nights and then I come back and find lines like
"don’t pretend you're AWAY… I know your there you just sent me an e-mail"
And the story goes on and on…
And so after all that … I think you wont say anything when I put my status AWAY… 8)
Anyway… see you soon and hope you have fun at your vacation.. (Stupid so called only two weeks vacation *%&$#*%) sorry…


P.S" I'm starting to feel that "magically" might mean that there's someone messing with my laptop when I'm gone... or is it something?! Ok that’s spooky..
I know you'd think that after all these lines I'm free and have nothing to do.. But I DO I really DO… I'm over my head with everything but what can you say.. .
I can't resist writing 8)


Dr_COMPUTER said...

Oh my Dear Mandy....You know, You should be a blogger...

I'm so happy that you commented, I'll be back to reply >>>after Database Quiz :\

May Allah Help us with our Exams

Dr_COMPUTER said...

How was your quiz anyway?

About the status thing, sweetie I wasn't pointing my finger to a specific person, I was just stating facts (some kinda facts ;p)

And if you want yourself to be categorized I would assign you to the first class, that is who have no interior motives …. (hope so ;p….Just kidding)

Norah I really enjoyed reading your reasoning comment, plz don't resist writing whenever you're in the mood for writing ;)