Saturday, November 17, 2007

Geek syndrome !

I feel so lonely and I'm bored to death...
it seems that no one on this planet can understand me

I'm sick of being geeky...
I'm trying to "GET A LIFE"....

But it seems that no one accepts the image of me as a wild girl !
I mean they accept anything wacky and irrational that would come form my sister..

but me... oh No... I have to be PERFECT !

That is So real... when you get stuck with machines the whole time...
you can only talk with ppl in ur same gender....

I mean I'm starting to feel as if I'm a ROBOT,
Oh God, I miss the girly girl inside me...

What's going on with me ?!
is it Geek syndrome!




Heba A. said...

hehehe... I love it..

well its ok.. I think we share the same problem if its a problem :|. I love technology and I really can't live without it lol. Today I went to al faysaleya me and my cousin and I entered a shop "technology and stuff" and I was asking the sale's man about a wire and my cousin was shocked! she said " leeh ya Heba don't be like that.. You should be asking about a bag or makeup" wallah I was embarrassed.

ahmed banjar said...

hey there ..
such an interesting blog you have and thxx for passing by my blog and leaving a nice comment there.

the thing is we live in rio and being bored became a part of our lives. no where to go everything closes at 10 PM. just a couple or lets say 3 decent restaurants. so in conclusion it would be abnormal if you're not bored here :p

take care ..

Dr_COMPUTER (I'm Not a Geek !) said...

hahahaha... Heba you Saudi Geek 8]
you know I don't care about girly stuff... I prefer "hubs" an "Routers" :P
I mean you have to be special , you know ;)


Guess what? I just came from a coffee shop , I went their with my friends... I really had fun...

Being bored has nothing to do with Riyadh... It's simply about feeling "LONELY" because u feel that no one understand !<<< Uh..The robot has Feelings !!! :P

thanks bro for ur comment :)

Dotsson said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog... though I don't see eye-to-eye with you on certain issues, I understand where you are coming from.

I have a question. You know how when you run a clean install of XP and it takes 10-15 minutes loading up all of the drivers for the install? I remember there is a command that you can type to skip that step and do it like in 5 minutes. Have any idea what that might be? Thanks.

Mandy said...

Hey there
I was chiking your blog<< you know stalling from aaaaallllll the projects
and thought I'd leave a comment on this one..
dont worry you're not alone in this one..
not you and "Heba" you shouldnt be embarresed cause we cant all love the same thing... as they say.. "we cant all be doctors"
I was at the mall the other day with my sister and I HAD to buy a top for a special occasion.. she showed me one and I looked at the price tag right away and it was about 250.. I said.. Hell no.. its not that good..
next thing I know I was in Jarir.. they were having a sale on flashes.. I was like..
"oh my God.. its 350 now!!! Im so buying it"
my sister said.. "you just didnt buy that top because its "too expensive".. this thing is even more expensive!!!" 8D
I think that proves my point that we're all in this together.. its ok..
that doesnt make me any less of a girl.. just as you said..
I like to be special and unique..
diffrenet if they want to call it.. but as long as I'm not normal..

I have a saying that I like..
(I dont suffer from insanity..
I enjoy every minute of it)

you're not alone in this.. just try to find your own little touch in everything and everyone will know your name one day ;/

"just dont forget me then.. or ill hunt you down and ill... << you see how these stresses are turning us into!!!"

ill go back to this Rental Study thing and try to come up with something..


zhgan said...

ok .. lets see
first of all its good to have your own personality ..

no matter what .. you should hold onto yours ..

some times its nice to be attached to your keyboard xD ..

but you have to change your routine from time to time .. so you dont get bored and then back again to your life style ..

do i sound like your parents :p

second of all .. click this link .. you will love this quiz :p


heba a. << LOL

Anonymous said...

LOOOOOOOOL! @ the pic

I think I suffer from this geek syndrome.. so, what're the treatment options? :P

Dr_COMPUTER (I'm Not a Geek !) said...

I love it when I see u posting here in my blog
Maybe u enjoy ur sanity.. But I DON'T......Oh God ,I wanna change something ,but I don't know what is it...However, I know,actually I'm sure that "the thing" I wanna change is not in me or about me. It's how things going on here!!! .. u know what I mean by here ;)

Hope that ur Project are going fine,
take care sweetie ^_^

Dr_COMPUTER (I'm Not a Geek !) said...

Regarding your question,I can tell u a simple trick to skip the installation , go to run then type oobe/msoobe /a enter your product key, after that click Remind me later.

However,skipping the "long" installation process is not a good idea, 'cause u have to wait for about 15 minutes for a full installation,and that trick was to postpone the long activation process and do it later...

Hope that was helpful :)

Dr_COMPUTER (I'm Not a Geek !) said...

Zahagn...or should I say "Dad" :P...
thanks for ur advises wise man ;)

And Big thanks for the Link... cause fortunately I'm only a 64% Geek... Wohoo...
I guess I'm NORMAL...
What about u,How much did YOU score ?!

Dr_COMPUTER (I'm Not a Geek !) said...


yes I am "Dr_Computer", but unfortunately I have no Idea how to cure such a syndrome... I'm only specializing in "computer syndromes";p

But hey u r a Doc,so your the one who 's supposed to tell us what are the "treatment options" :P

thanks for ur comment :)

Mandy said...

Yet again.. 5 days before I even notice the reply 8S

Im sorry
dont you mean Project(S)
theres a big S in here..
God I just pray this semester ends with the least damages..
I'm so afraid that when all of this is over I would have pushed my self so far that I cant even go back anymore!!
You should you know.. Enjoy it.. all this... not whats around you.. but your self.. for how can we expect people to except us if we dont even except ourselves<< now Im sounding like Dr Philll ;)
Im far beyond complicated that I even gave up trying to figure out myself but I guess what Im trying to say here is that.. If you have been thrown into something that gives you almost everything you want in your life.. but somehow you think you hate.. "like your personlity here 8) ".. well I think you just have to find the right way to look at it 'cause I dont think you should change it..
a right way that youll see the beauty in it..

add up girl.. dont change..
add up to your self and evolve.. 8)

(If at first you don't succeed.. Call it version 1.0 )

Good luck at everything and hope we catch up soon

Dr_COMPUTER (I'm Not a Geek !) said...

Oh yes Teacher Mandy I meant "ProjectSSSSS".....Don't be like the programs compliers :P...

Mandy believe me ur not like that stupid boring Texan guy (Phill)... you sound like Dr.Fozyah Al-Drai3 ...LOOOOOL ;)

By the way... what version are u now?...I mean I'm version 2.0 starting from tomorrow(I'm not going to school tomorrow) , What about u ? :P

Mandy said...

oooh you too putting thoughts in my mind..
I want to skip school but I cant<< skipped too many I guess XS

I dont know what version I am girl.. I lost count long time ago if you know what I mean..

thanks cause now I cant sleep thinking that it would be good to skip school..
but I know if I skip ill end up sleeping and messing around most of the day.. Ill bring my physics along with me all lectures and hope ill catch up what I lost today in front of the TV
God damn it that Earl is really funny ;)

good luck girl.. we reallllly need it

hope to catch up soon.. bye

samaher said...

heeeeey Geeko
hunny change yr nickname then yr intir life will change
nickname yr self az faffy geek u can be geek and faffy then
it's kinda cool bein a geek but in a faffy or yaay way ..try to go out and hav fun

Dr_COMPUTER (I'm Not a Geek !) said...

Hi Samaher...

First off, I AM NOT A "GEEKO" !!!

About my nickname, I'm starting to get sick from using nicknames, I think Ill start using my own name or something like this...
however, I really love dr_computer... without the faffy part... LOL,I feel like I'm gay or something >>>el bent dayman tefham kha6a :P

thanks a lot Samaher for ur comment :)

Canc3riaN said...

Well.... to some extent, I am also seen as the daughter who has to never cross the line and has to have it all right ... and my younger sister can still act like a 2 year-old even though she's 15.

Anyway in your last comment you said " el bint dayman tfham 5a6a".... APPLAUSE!!!! I couldn't agree more.