Saturday, September 19, 2009

In Japan, English wont do !

Paulo Coelho has mentioned in his book "Alchemist", that there is one universal language can be used to communicate with everyone all over the world .
I kinda believed in that, but never tested it!
until I was in that country which knows nothing but their own language !

I've recorded one of the "battles' ... I mean conversations while I was in Wased University... check out the video :

After this trip , I've come to realize that

in order to fully enjoy Japan.... you MUST speak Japanese... English wont do!

I'll be back to post something related to this happened in yodobashi camera in Akihabara when I was trying to buy a wacom tablet :(


JehanFM said...

Loooooooooooooool that's hilarious
Remember Dr. Laila allah yerjhaaa
Excellent video sis, ur the best
Before I used to wonder what on earth do u do in ur locked room, Now it all make sense to me ;)

Amait said...

yeah I experianced all the "i don't speak english" in the internet =p

i have called waseda once on phone ... i was talking when i finished he said "eigo janai" .. i was like what the heck ! international and i was transfered to another dept. =p

but its a good experiance ! wishing ya the best ...

and btw ... u are a good director but u keep the cool stuff missing out on that vid !

Jaimy said...

Arigatou Je-chan ...

Amait... LOL, he even can't say (No Engrish )?!!!
OMG they're really something, I'm not sure it it's good or bad !

miloFM said...

i think it's enough for us to speak arabic and english only...
why the hell would someone need to learn japanese? look,,, japan is a one summer experience and u won't go back again for any reason,,,"unless you've decided to become the wife of the upcoming ambassador of saudi there...XD",,, anyway, stop wasting ur time trying to learn japanese, and start doing something useful, like PROGRAMING, which is what you've been studying for the past 4 years in uni...

Jumana said...

I can't read Japanese characters and I can't even translate them cuz my computer doesn't support it...
so that's why I didn't publish comments that was written in Japanese !
Gomen ...but it can't be helped!