Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sony Building , Tokyo

While hanging out in the fancy district Ginza in Tokyo ... My friend wanted to get into Armani building were she decided to camp there...
I'm totally not into these shops especially if I'm in Tokyo !!!
I mean when technology and otaku culture are found who on earth would prefer shopping over them !!!!

I lost her and went to the "epic" building just beside it... it's Sony Building !!!! I was like "Sonyyyy!!!Moeeee X) ".... let's take pictures :P

it's raining as usual :/...and I'm the robot there :P

I'm telling you girls.... this place is AWESOME !!! Luckily I found my lovely geeky mom there , but of course we separated ... cuz in this 8-story building we definitely wouldn't share the same interests !!

The first floor was full of plasma screens.... all the new hot stuff... and it was exhibited in a way which looks exactly like the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium ... I already went there and really it does look and FEEL the same !!!!

The most interesting floor was the cameras' floor.... Oh God .. it's like heaven to me... I've been struggling here in Riyadh when I was searching for a DSLR... and sony was the worst here !!!!

The digital compact camera in the photo bellow is not available yet....
I totally recommend it... it's amazing... super duper pro, and so light... I mean I'm getting sick of my Nikon D90... and this sony lil one can comp

I totally enjoyed the freedom of using the cameras there.... they scatter objects every where for the customers to take photos of them... no one is there staring at you and ruining the moment ... they trust the customers and give them space !!!!
The best part is that you get to use the newest cameras from Sony... you know the ones coming soon in japan.. not to mention soon to the world !!! and some of them are only under testing not yet manufactured !!! Cool isn't it ;)

here I made a video about the place, I didn't bring my HD camera so u gotta bare with my sony phone camera ;)

On another floor you find the newest laptops from sony.... and there is that new tech which was interesting .... it's basically an app that comes with their webcams and captures the motion of your face and transform it into the character you choose... simply imitation .... I dunno much about whether it's used here or not yet.


In this building there is the Opus
Communicating Zone which is an area where you can experience the audio and visual entertainment presented by Sony in a very high standards .


Another floor was the video games ....
play station , PSP, you can play any kind of game !!! you name it... 7amaas XD


There is that part of sony that I didn't know... it's the Insurance company Sony Life !!!!! I went to that place in the building called "Life Planning Square" were you can virtually plan your life, it's a a very powerful application based on artificial intelligence using case studies....
They provide an interface in English , but unfortunately it's only a demo . The real full version is in Japanese :( ----------------------------------------------

Finally, about the other stories, they are restaurants and shops , one for Sony products, and the other two are for outfits .

I'll upload a video once my brothers end this damn Halo online session :@


P.S. The purple roboto in the photos is me... I mean my position in the photo :\
I'm not a celeb so no need for my face in these photos -_-

* Otaku , mainly it's Geek in Japanese... but don't confuse it with the regular geek we know... it's kinda different in the sense of the interests... it's more obsession and it's more of a culture which usually revolves around ...umm... ok I'll write a dedicated post about them!
** Moe ! , is to show your extreme interest in an "otaku"ish way...


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Amait said...

DSLR ... SLR , ur D90 ... how can u GET SICK of it ?! that is why it fell down << it was running away from u ! <_<

nice blog BTW