Saturday, December 12, 2009

KSU Students' Research Preparatory Symposium for SSC

Today was a big day in my University, it was as the title stated...
So many students , so many researches and projects... it was a pretty hard competition.
No matter how hard it was...we could make it through... we won :D cuz "we are the champoins my friends ". I was so happy for our project iMarket to be chosen among the other computer science projects... AlhamdulilAllah ^^

I was also happy, cuz the winners of most of the prizes were females... I'm so proud KSU females ...this is how it should be ;)

It was a good opportunity to meet ppl I used to know, some who I knew through my summer training 2008 at King Khalid University Hospital from the SW development center, and some are old friends from high school.

P.s it was REALLY hard to get these shots of the exhibition area, cuz as u know photos in the females area and it was crowded... but I took the opportunity when the press came in to take some shots ;)

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