Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Okyakusama wa kamisama desu

I entered that little traditional Japanese shop :
a lady greeted "Irrashaimase== welcome to the shope (to our service)" with her nice smile,
I looked around the shop without her nagging me to buy, then I went out buying nothing,
yet she said politely "Arigatou guzaimasu == Thank you so much " !
I went to that major brand store I was treaded in the same friendly way ...

In Japan, there’s a well known proverb that says :
“Okyakusama wa kamisama desu =customers are God”
Customers service there is the best I've ever seen in my entire life...
It hurts so much!!! yes it does.. cuz I keep comparing that with the reality in Saudi Arabia !

Most of the consumers targeted businesses in SA lacks of good customers service...
and I'm giving my verdict as a mere customer... as their target !

For example, the distributer of Nikon here Ahmed Abdulwahed Trading Co. .
They might be distributing commodities , but they forgot that they also offer service !
Their customers' service is the worst, and I'm trying to be polite here....
I bought a 6000 Riyal camera, yet I wasn't given any service when I was troubled with my lens.
And so many other examples out there (Restaurants, retail shops ..etc.)
The problem in service is not only salespersons manners, it's also the knowledge they lack of...
when a person is selling cameras, he should know his commodity and so on.

After discussing this with some of my friends I've come to wonder... who exactly do they serve !
Aren't customers' their greatest asset !!!

Customers here in KSA should have more knowledge about their own rights,
and salespersons should be trained on how to serve their customers.

I still dream of a perfect market here in SA (from a customer's perspective ).
Where I can be treated as a Kamisama !

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Ar said...

its true, well JPese consider manners to be the most important thing <_< even online.

as for the target for the saudi market , look at the big shops ... or the small stores ... they open this as a dummy to servie and support companies and company maintenance systems ... they don't give a damn ... they didn't open their business for serving individule custmers ... aside from all that ... as for the camera story they earn 10 Times of the maintenance ... of the repair parts worth ... so chill ... everyone is there XD

just for others info ... 6000RS = 1,600$=1090EURO