Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's Jumana's Birthday !

so today is the day the world was blessed...:)

My rockin sis wanted to celebrate my graduation and my BD on one day... she felt it's more worthy it that way.. and I do agree.. since my graduation and birthday are in the same month , which make it so special !

I'm gonna talk less and share the moments with you girls....

and here are some shots I've taken ( @ T.G.I Friday's ... they were super awesome and friendly )

I love this Robot... and it would be the awesomest gift if I could have it :(

That's all :)


qusay said...

nice video and pics
jumana u rock

A chan said...

Omeditto! Looks like a gr8 party, glad that u had fun <3
congratulations on graduating & getting rid of KSU 4ever ;p
U DID it, IT tech ;)
Soooooo proud of u Jumana <3
Show the world what u can do girl ;)

Dewa, kyosketeh neh.. ja ;*

Jumana said...

thanks Qusay :)

A chan, you made my day with this sweet comment... honto ni ariagatou ^^

Amait said...

hehehe , you are crazy, thats what I like about you XDD, glad you had a Happy Birthday :) ^^ and たんじょうび おめでとう~ jo先輩 :)

aaliashan said...

Happy B-day nice pictures mashallah ^^

Jumana said...

Aaliashan... thank you, I'm glad you liked the photos ^^