Saturday, February 13, 2010

Google gives Nexus Ones away at TED !!!

A quote from the main article :

" Turns out that for the 1500 or so attendees ($6000 a ticket) at TED yesterday, each and everyone of them got a Nexus One from Google. Being that most of the attendees are influential, this may be a really smart move by Google. "

I'm not in a position to judge google's marketing strategy ! in fact I should be learning lessons from that move !

However, I can't deny the fact that I'm a n00b , trying to understand the following :

1- If some can afford the 6000 $ ticket and attend TED , but don't own a nexus one, it means they're NOT interested ! otherwise they can easily get themselves the device !

2-giving away such a valuable thing, really degrade the value of it !

giving nexus one to youtube partners was kinda smart , since they're already loyal , and aside from the promotional part , it can be considered as a reward for their hard work , u know they're sorta one team (I know they're already getting payed !)

Now, google, why do u give away such a huge amount of ur devices for FREE and refuse (delay) to sell ur product and gain money from many customers around the world craving for you're nexus one !

I kinda took it personal , it hurts me so much that google is giving away their devices ! are they that desperate !!!!! and why don't they sell it hear in KSA instead !

Saudis LOVE gadgets, just look at the BBs and iPhones around us !

P.s. maybe I'm getting the whole thing wrong, correct me if so, please :)



albara said...


Hey Jumana,
I was at TED that year. and I got my N1 from there.

It's not at all what you think.
first off all. when they gave it out, it was not yet available openly in the market. so it was kind of exclusive for the TED audience.

Second, it was a SMART move by Google to target such an audinace since most of the attendance are wither CEO's Founders VP's and decision makers in their organizations and the word by mouth would work really will with such an audience.

and the give-away came right away after a talk by a googler who was talking about some of the new technologies that were available on the new N1.

I remember how Chris Anderson stood up after his talk. asking the audience .. do anyone have this device .. and no one raised his hand since it was still not available in the market. .. and he replied .. "You're All Wrong!!" xD

and on our way out of the session every one was Q'ing up for their free N1 :D

I thought I should not be surprised if the number of given away phones exceeded the number of actually been selled. but surprisingly .. the more give aways the more sales increase and most important;y more Android activations and sign-ups.

Hope that explains some of it to you .. and hope by now you got the phone that you desire :)


Jumana said...

wow! you actually payed for that ticket! :p
Thank you so much, if it wasn't in the market yet, that's something else! you did a good job Mr.googeler... from your explanation, I kinda get the whole idea :)
BTW have you shared anything about that event? if you have links please post them.
Thank you Albara