Monday, June 30, 2008

what money can't buy ?!

what money can't buy ?!
I know!

It's intelligence....

However, to have MONEY and INTELLIGENCE ......... I call this the ultimate happiness (in life only)

I watched a video for Bill Gates_my "superhero" :P_at his last day at work...
This video inspired me A LOT...but someone has to work really hard to end up like him...
I leave u with the video :)

God I hope that my last day at work will be so exciting like that!.<<<Oh right... I need to graduate first and get a job ----depressed :(

+ by the way... what's with his car!!! is that really Bill's car!!
well, I guess it doesn't matter ..even if he drives a pickup (wanait)...he's still Bill Gates X)

+ one last note: as a girl I noticed a very sweet thing about him... he didn't get any of the female celebrities in his last day.. LOL ...looks like he's so loyal and faithful to his wife Melinda ....Lucky her ;)


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