Saturday, July 12, 2008

I'm Not a Robot After All... I can miss sometimes!

I never thought that I'll be missing some pestering brat !
When my bro was preparing for going abroad to study in MIT, I was so excited thinking that I might get some space without him being around.
But when the day came... the day he'll be going..I cried ---I'm a girl after all

I really miss him nagging and begging me to solve his math and computer problems...
I miss the way he barge into my room like Godzilla (though sometimes I feel like killing him!)...or the way he bow to me to wake him up in the morning or to pick him a t-shirt(I have a weird family LOL)
I miss the way he comes to me insisting to listen to his favorite lousy rock bands (well, some are cool to be fair)
in short...
I think I miss him !

I really hate farewells...
I also hate to part from my beloved ones...

Hope he comes back soon...
The home feels empty without you 'Abo Alhassan' ;)


Mandy said...

oh God you should see my face now

you really gave me flash backs of the time I thought I wouldnt miss my older borother when he got married
but oh little that I knew that boys arnt like girls.. they get busy, they dont call that much, they dont visist as much as you want them too "which is 24 hours a day if you ask me what I want ;)"
well to sum up.. they become your usual men :S
wither you're weaker than me or smarter that you realized the situation at the moment.. and cried when saying goodbye to your brother..
it took me a whole week without even shedding a single tear.. till I finally realized it one day and cried for a whole night :D

really hope your brother comes home safe sweetie ;)

& catch up on ya soon

Jaimy said...

I assume ur speaking about the one who used to "bare" watching movies with u >_<
Aww…I'm really sorry for you, but I guess you have to apart at the end...
You know, sometimes I wish that none of us get married in my family to stay together forever (Mom will kill for jinxing the family: P)

c ya

Guari said...

oh oh oh please Jinx my family! Imagine how your brother feels like leaving all of you behind, how lonely it must feel. You're still in your own element, he's having to deal with a whole new one. And like Mandy said, boys don't call -.- you shouldn't take it personally though, they tend to be a bit absent-minded at times. My uncles went away for a bit, I almost lost my head with worry, but of course he never bothers to call and goes "Oh, nsyt!" then laugh! I'm a bit posessive when it comes to the younger boys in the family, I feel like a mother-hen :P

Jaimy said...

hi mother-hen :P
guys never feel lonely.. only the poor us girls :(

umm ur name is 'J'oury or 'G'oury..
and never mind if u prefer remaining anonymous :P

thank you for your comment

Guari said...

the former with the 'J'