Saturday, July 12, 2008

My life ahead!...Blurry !

I suddenly feel depressed!
but my depression situations are getting better...cuz I know the cause of them!

people are getting smarter... chances are being taken ...

I can't compete !
I don't want to!

I have to act... I have to do something!

I'm under pressure..I'm afraid to explode... I'm weak... and I'm afraid of my self destructive behavior!

I'm having a summer training in the core of my major...Thanks to Allah I'm so happy about it ... cuz i've been longing for this since the begging of the year... but I'm so worried at the same time...

I still have 1 year and a half (or maybe 2 years) for graduation but I'm not sure what to do! I've already had training in other fields for the journey of finding myself...but I didn't find anything yet...

I simply start doing things with great enthusiasm but after a while my eagerness starts to fade out and I get bored and sick of what I'm doing! I’m really my own worst enemy >_<

God lead me to the right path,,, and forgive me for my ignorance !

For whom might be interested ... I will talk Insha'allah about my training experience ... cuz i'm sure some will find it useful =)


Anonymous said...

Hello Sister

I want to tell that you are Impressive , and you Write in amazing way ( like that E is your first Language)
yes this is the first time I responded here, but from time to time I follow Tdwinatk

/ /
about the negative feelings
I share with you the same, in fact, I feel only after I entered the University, Department of Computer Information Systems specialization
I do not know what happened, the section requires me more, but the real problem is me

I have an ambition tires me very much, I'm looking for opportunities but the reality is very frustrating!!
and also because It still one year to Graduate (in shalla) , my feeling is increase to down
I want a work that make me feel creative and achievement!!
I am tired of the research blocked all the roads ..:

Even those opportunities that you and I think it's easy to become very difficult!!
(Help us God:( )

Jaimy said...

Jawaher... you made my day, I'm truly happy to know that u follow my blog and enjoy reading my posts . plz share more of ur comments:D

It's really terrifying to think that one day we will graduate and must get a real job,but this is life and this is what happens when ppl grow up >_<

Wish you all the best sis, and Happy Ramdan ^^