Saturday, September 6, 2008

At The Beach

I've always hated the sea... However, this vacation I suddenly fell in love with it... I stay hours in the beach without realizing, I even got myself tanned (alright, that was on purpose ).

ok my friends let me show u some of the photos I took by the beach, ( u can visit my Picasa account , although I'm sure many don't know about "picasa".

^hey girls , Yusra's Musalsal (Fi Eed Amina) has some scenes in this place (Porto Marina) ... have u noticed :D^

That's all for now folks...


Rin said...

sounds like a lovely vacation^^
the photos are nice although
i couldn't figure where
porto marina is i'm geographically challenged^^
and i love the pic with sun holding
trick lol.. cliche
^^excuse me for barging on your blog like that lol

Jehan said...

Hey their,
what a photos

Rin these pics are take in Alexandria, Egypt.

Love u sis

Jehan again said...

i meant hey "there"

Jaimy said...

Rin... if I'm not wrong ur Dr.rin from Cksu....
I'm very delighted with ur comment... and this place is Marina in the North Coast (Alexandria)

welcome to my blog rin ^^

Jaimy said...

Jehan ... My lovely sis...
Finally u have posted a comment!
and yeah I know that my photos are amazing... cuz they've been taken by ME B)

Arigato for u comment

Mandy said...

Oook.. I don't chick ur site for a couple of days (ok maybe weeks).. and suddenly your the queen of Rock!!!
first of all let me say really nice picture and I can't wait to chick the tanning :)
hope you had a great vacation cuz we really deserve it and we really need it..
and at the end you should really give your self sometime just setting there at home not doing anything.. I really loved it and felt that every second school will come and I wont be doing this much often..
so hope to catch up on ya soon and have a nice rest-of-vacation :)


Jaimy said...

Hello My dear friend Mandy :D

Vacation is over :( :( :(

my only consolation is that Ill get to see u girls insha'Allah ^^

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