Thursday, September 4, 2008

Join The IT Crowd

"People of IT"...
Haven't you ever wondered why do they always make series about Doctors ,Lawyers, Mathematicians etc. But there aren't any TV shows that focus on YOU (IT ppl)...

Well... I'll introduce you to this hilarious sitcom...

Plz ITs join me to
The IT Crowd..

I've always loved this show, since it first aired.But non of my friends has heard about it so I'm posting this here...

It's hilarious how they show you how Technical Support(TA) deal with ppl... Ok I've had some time training with the TA this summer,it was fun... but believe it or not... what they have shown in the sitcom is REAL... Doctors, nurses , employees all the non-ITs are so "pain in the butt" when it comes to computers... God they never try to do something in their own !

I wanna work in an IT dept. but surly not like the one in the show :P
You just watch The IT Crowd and I'm sure ull like it.

here are the videos for the first episode :D

Ep1 P1

Ep1 P2

Ep1 p3

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Thanks for writing this.