Monday, September 8, 2008

Rock the House !

I bought a classic guitar to check out my talent... I mean it's less expensive than the electric ... and I think I'm not bad for a n00b :P

so now I'm gonna seriously think about what I've always wanted to do...I'm gonna buy an electric guitar and Ill also form my (Mol7a8 ٌٌRock Band) 3ala wazin "Garage Rock band" :P

I'm so excited and everything,I've been searching and reading a lot... But my bro and sis are so lame , and are not interested :(

sis wanna buy darbukah not a drum kit :S
bro is thanwyah 3amah...
aaaaaaah...why is it like that !!!!!

I really don't know where to start from... I only know that ROCK IS IN My Blood !

I don't know about the music instruments market here in Saudi Arabia.. and I don't know how to get good deals .. cuz I really don't wanna waste my money on some crappy instruments.

I'd really appreciate any kind of help....


Mandy said...

Ok.. why am I just finding about this right now?!!!
in the middle of Ramadan?!!
and where have you been??!!
you know what?! we should form a (MMC)
and that is (MUSIC MINDS CLUB)!!!
cuz girl I have music in my blood unfortunatley and I couldnt get it out so I made peace with it..
I dont remember you so keen about music??
I remember you at first year saying you only liked Gwen Stefani :) "ya mashallah 3li.. I have a strong memory when it comes to relationships and those stuff" :)
anyway enough bragging ,,, I'm on your "Malhag band" or whatever that name is.. I wanted to be a guitarist and a drummer as long as I can remember.. but the problem is after I didnt manage to get an electric guitar (dont ask!! :S) .. I tried an application for a drum sets and the respond was (then we'd have to bullet proof your room and not just sound proof it!!!)
but after my baby brother got a "MY FIRST DRUM SET" game I'm defenitley gona try again..
so that leaves us with short a bass player and if preferable a key player..
imagine if they'd put on talent shows at college like they always put on art gallery's?!!
we could try on and then win something and ..
you know what I should really get some sleep..
but really I gota say I didnt think you had all this in ya.. I thought I was the only IT girl who dreamt about music and thought ROCK is really not just for boys:)
so we should talk about this more often at college :)
catch up on ya later and wish ya luck electric guitar hunting..

next time go with someone who knows about guitars instead of ur mom (no offense) and there's a place at Ghranda Mall that have really nice looking guitars that you could just hang and look at.
(there's a pink hello ketty one if ur into those kinda things):)

Jaimy said...

Hahahaha... no minds thing plz.. I'm already having enough from "Digital Minds Club" XD
Mandy the first step is... we should learn how to properly play the instruments,LOL

Ur asking me to go with some1 who knows about guitars !!! who!
I'm surrounded with geeks and boring ppl X/

You know,,, I think we should go together someday.. OK?

BTW mandy do I look to u as a "Hello Kitty " kind of girl !!! PLLLLZ XD

Mandy said...

I know you don't look like one LOOL
but you never know..
and FYI ..
Its PINK!!!!
my little sister almost fainted when she saw it :S

gynx said...

I have also been trying to start a heavy Metal girls band, but I didn't find anyone with such an interest.
I play keyboards, my friend used to *want to* buy a drumkit, but I told her not to risk buying a professional instrument when you're still a I graduated from highschool without fulfilling that dream, sad isn't it?

Jaimy said...

gynx ! Ill assume that you're a college student now...
so ,it's not too late !
go for it girl...ROCK ON `\,,/

btw why did u stop ur friend from buying the drum kit ?!! how would she go from being a n00b to a professional without getting a REAL drum kit ?!

gynx said...

yeah, I'm a sad IT college student...><
I just couldn't find anyone with the same interest as mine! I'm starting to feel weird for listining to heavy music, or even wanting to start a band...:S
well, that's life here!

yeah...about that...I just wanted my friend to buy a *beginner* instrument, like I started. you know ? you might buy that huge-ass drum-kit with a fortune and just find out that you arent "really" into drums, a waste isn't it?

peace \m/-_-\m/

Jaimy said...

don't feel weird gynx...They are the weird ppl for not enjoying this awesome music....

btw,have you heard Nickelback's new album (dark horse ) ? it's a MUST... specially "Gotta be somebody" <3
I'm gonna post it here in my blog :D

Gynx said...

Nickelback is one of my favs! <3
although I'm more into Jrock and european heavy death metal bands but Nickelback is an exception! I must hear Black horse....!

Mandy said...

Im a huge fan of Nickelback, but didnt know their album has leacked yet?!!
I have Gotta be Somebody but can't find the full album anywhere yet.. if you have the URL for a streaming or something do send it to me later.. I'm really waiting for it since a long time..
I think other than their song "Someday" their album "All the Right Reasons" is the best.. at least so far.
can't wait to listen to their new one, having big thoughts about it

Rock On